Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Layday 2 in Zamora

Alter retablo in the Iglesia San Juan

We awoke to a slight warming trend that was quite welcomed. It was a cloudy day initially but there was none of the low hanging fog and dampness of the previous two days. In fact the sun actually forced its way through by early afternoon. Robin and I finished the day on the hotel's back patio enjoying a glass of wine and watching the sun go down. The balance off the day was spent attending morning mass at the Iglesia San Juan, and then just wandering the streets enjoying the pleasant weather. We depart tomorrow for Montamarta. Our pilgrimage continues. Santiago still beckons. Now if we can just remember how to put our packs on.

San Juan
Plaza Mayor with Christmas decorations
Many, many Romanesque churches in Zamora
Iglesia San Isodoro
Back at the Castillo
Iglesia Santiago
Photo from Holy Week
Another street mural
This is a mural


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