Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Two rest days in Ourense

We had a bit of a surprise as we walked to Puebla de Sanabria. Robin's left heel developed quite a sharp pain. Advil and determination got her to Sanabria, but it was clear we could not walk on from there. After reviewing many options we decided to go by train to Ourense, rest two days, and then if all seemed doable, backtrack to Laza and resume walking from there. So if all remains the same, we will catch a bus from here to Verín tomorrow at 12:15 pm, and then transfer to another bus that goes up to Laza. We should arrive in Laza by late afternoon, and resume walking on Friday, December 11th. This should put us in Santiago on December 18th. We still have more than a week to go so we are praying (and remain hopeful) that we can finish what we started. But we will not do anything crazy. If Robin is still in pain after we resume tomorrow, then we will call it a day and make our way to Santiago where a Christmas celebration with good friends still awaits us. We will just be there a bit earlier than previously planned. Works for me. But let's see what happens when we push off from Laza. For now, good night from Ourense. Feliz Navidad.


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