Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day 30: Cea to Castro Dozón (19 kms)

There were only three of us in the junta albergue in Cea. The heat was on and we had a peaceful night's sleep. A cold fog once again greeted us as we made our way up through town to the Vatican Bar for some morning coffee and toast. Suitably fortified we pushed on for the albergue at Castro Dozón. It was a day of ups and downs as hills came and went. We stopped in a bar next door to the monestary in Oseira for a coffee, warmed up a bit and then set out uphill once again.

Later on as we walked into the village of A Gouxa we noticed there was some fair going on and several vendors had great pots of pulpo steaming away. We still had about an hour to go to Cea, but decided to take a break. We got our plates of pulpo, and were the directed inside this hall where picnic tables were set up, and a throng of people were eating. Serving ladies came by and dropped off wine bowls, a pot of red, and a basket of wonderful bread. We tucked in and had what amounted to a menu del dia. There were other plates coming out of a kitchen that intrigued us so we ordered some nice grilled cubes of pork with fried potatoes (of course), and enjoyed that as well. It was a wild affair with much commotion. Would be diners were jockeying for table space, and ladies were trying to find serving lanes as the hall swelled with hungry locals. 6 euros for the pulpo and 12 for the pork, bread, wine and dessert. We could have stayed there for the duration but good sense finally overtook our stomachs and we slung our packs, weaved through the crowd, and stepped out the door. We were full as ticks and happy to have an hour's walk to help it all hit basement. A very nice lunch indeed.

True to our dead reckoning we arrived in Castro Dozón a hour later. We walked through town and probably another 200 meters to get to the albergue. We settled in to await the hospitalera who, according to the posted notice, would arrive at 6:00 pm to check us in. It was then back into town for a run through the local shop and a couple of beers before we headed back to the albergue and our beds. Robin's ankle is in need of another day's rest so tomorrow she will go by taxi to Silleda, while I walk on to meet her.

Clearing a bit
The Monastery at Oseira
Coffee time in Oseira
Robin and Ray heading uphill from the monastery
Approaching Castro Dozón



  1. Sorry to hear Robin's ankle is acting up. You two seem eerily similar to Karen and my experience from Porto last spring. Hope the rest will help. Dayton

  2. Hi Dayton, I was actually thinking the same thing. We are now two days from Santiago and are hopeful we will make it. Our best to you and Karen.


  3. We're going to do the Camino Portuguese, Paris to SJPdP, or the Camino Le Puy in May. Have you done any of these routes and, if so, could you point me to what you've written in your blog? Also, of those three, is any one of them your favorite? Thanks!