Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day 29: Ourense to Cea (23 kms)

Our plan to backtrack fell apart this morning when Robin and I both agreed that her ankle would not be happy doing both the backtrack, and the walk from Ourense to Santiago. So we put our faith in reaching Santiago from Ourense, and set out with this new plan. We took a taxi to the top of the hill out of Ourense, that chopped off about 6 kms, and walked the remaining 16 kms into Cea. It was just as the taxi dropped us off that we met another pilgrim, Ray from the UK, he was coming from Valencia. We fell in together and have enjoyed his company. Robin made it to Cea, but she was just about limping at the end.

Ray and Robin
The path ahead
Looks inviting
Arriving in Cea
Plaza Mayor in Cea


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